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Solo is perhaps Norway’s most famous brand. Solo was established way back in 1934, and has been a frequent companion through many Norwegians' youth and daily life, and it still is.
The recipe for Solo comes originally from Spain. Solos "father", Torleif Gulliksrud, took the recipe to Tønsberg, and not long after it was a refreshing orange drink available in stores.

Solo Super
Carbonated, sugar-free soda with an orange flavour. Solo Super passion contains taste of the passion fruit.

Solo Solrik
Lovely and refreshing orange and strawberry drink in small quantities.

Solo is owned by four breweries: Ringnes, Aass Bryggeri, Mack and Oskar Sylte Mineralvannsfabrikk.

If you want to know more about the Solo, visit the web pages here.

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